The Lord Cares for You, Psalms 144:3 — SOLD

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These are not flags, but silk material to dance with.

They are individually hand dyed. They are created in an atmosphere of worship. It is not until the final process of rinsing at which point the silk reveals itself in all its glory, that it is named. I take great delight in naming the silks. Each piece is approximately 44 inches wide by 3 yards long. I say approximately as silk tends to shrink so each piece may vary slightly in width and length.

The silk I currently use is 5mm thickness. It is very light, sheer and delicate. They are incredible to dance with. You can view the pictures on this site. The material is amazing! The silks are sewn along the short sides only. Occasionally we finish the selvage edges should we feel the material needs it. You might find that there are tiny holes on the selvage sides. This is how the material comes and does not affect its use, since it was milled that way. You should also be aware that as these pieces are each unique, you might find that there are imperfections such as, dye spots etc. Such is the nature of the process I use and tie dyeing itself.

Care of your product. Please remember that is material is very delicate. With proper care it should last a long time. I suggest hand washing in cold water if it becomes soiled. Do not wash with other items as it may bleed dye onto other clothing. Hang to dry and use an iron on the “silk” setting only.

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