Ann Mack’s wisdom and generous heart has helped me start a dance ministry at my church. Our worship times are going to another level and people are starting to experience God’s heart in a new way!

— Stephani Eggehorn (Seattle)


It’s so exciting to see God bring dance back into the church. I’m beginning to see some fruit of starting a dance ministry in my church and Ann Mack has been such a big part of it. I’ve been privileged to attend a few of her teachings and watch her dvd’s. She is genuine and encouraging, both in person and on camera. Her generous heart in sharing what she has learned in dance and flags has helped my church experience God’s heart in a deeper way. Our Sunday worship times are going to another level with the addition of dance. Praise God!

— Stephani Eggehorn (Seattle)


I just found your website on FB – it’s beautiful! Also wanted to encourage you Ann because I’ve never shared my testimony with you. I attended the Worship School in 2011 and you graciously let me take a flagging class that was already full and it was the highlight of all my classes!! I’d gone to Bethel with the intention of taking singing and songwriting classes but Jehovah Sneaky pulled a fast one on me and got me straight back into dancing instead! I’d always danced since I was a small child and when I let Jesus into my life it became my worship language.

But for the past 18 years or so I’d stopped dancing because of depression so it really was a gift from the Lord when He gave it back to me at Bethel. I’d never been interested in flagging because I’d never seen it done with passion but what I saw at Bethel ignited something in my spirit and I knew I had to take your class!! And the day I did I was so overwhelmed with the Presence of God, I felt like the flag was alive in my hand and I’d finally ‘come home’. But it gets even better, cos my husband who’d come along just to support me got touched by the Lord and after a Sozo he started to dance and flag in the power of the Holy Spirit as well!!! And he’s NEVER been a dancer!!

After we got back to New Zealand we introduced flagging to our small fellowship as well as ‘encounter’ evenings and we’ve been so excited and encouraged with the freedom and changes that are happening to a once very conservative group of people – adults and children alike!!! God is good and He’s awesome!!
So thank you and bless you for what you’re teaching and be encouraged to know how far reaching it is.

— Bess and Gordon Hampson