Vertical Edge Dance Class Schedule

We welcome all who want to dance either for fun, exercise or to gain more experience! Classes are for adults and ages 13 and up. These are non performing classes.

Classes will begin on Monday, September 11, 2017.

To register or for more information please email Vertical Edge Dance at

Please come at least 15 minutes early to register in person at your first class.

All classes are held at:
2649 Park Marina Drive, Redding, CA 96003 (behind Sublime)



Class Schedule

Classes are subject to change


  • 2pm-3:30pm Beginning Ballet
  • 3:30pm-4:30pm Engaging the Heart


  • Labor Day | Monday September 4
  • Veterans Day | Friday November 10
  • Thanksgiving | Wednesday November 22-Thursday November 23
  • Christmas Break | Friday December 22-Sunday December 31
  • New Year’s Day | Monday January 1st
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day | Monday January 15
  • Easter Break | Friday March 30-Sunday April 1
  • Memorial Day | May 28th

Dress Code

Improv & Contemporary | Active wear
Ballet | Leotard, ballet slippers, tights (any color), hair pulled back
Modern | Leotard, yoga pants
All classes | No street shoes and no gum chewing


The new class fee structure is as follows:

  • Drop in rate is $13 per class
  • No refund for missed classes
  • Credit card or check accepted (you can pay in person)
  • At your first class please come at least 15 minutes early to register in person
  • Classes are for adults and ages 13 years and older

The class fee structure is as follows:
(Drop in rate is $13 per class)

Credit card or check accepted.

1 hour per week            $45/month
1.5 hours week              $52/month
2 hours per week          $75/month
2.5 hours per week       $85/month
3 hours per week          $90/month

3.5 hours per week       $95/month
4 hours per week        $105/month
5 hours per week        $110/month

Class Descriptions

Classes are for adults and ages 13 years and older

Engaging the heart
This class will teach you to become spiritually aware of yourself and others. To respond to what is happening in the moment. To explore movement through space. It is a class that will at times use points of physical contact such as weight, momentum and touch. It has such endless possibilities and creates stories and choreography without words. This class is open to dancers and non dancers alike.

Beginning Ballet
The fundamentals of classical ballet using the Vaganova technique are taught. Class will focus on basic ballet technique, proper body alignment, terminology and musicality. Students will be introduced to elementary barre and center work. Ballet is an ideal way to build technique and form while laying a foundation for advanced levels and other genres of dance. No prior dance experience required. Dress Code for this class is ballet slippers, leotard, tights with dance skirt or ballet shorts and hair pulled back.